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musictouse is a Danish online music provider who aims to provide music across all genres and styles to all media-related businesses in need of high-quality production music for professional productions such as Commercials, TV-series, Documentaries, Films, Corporate Productions, etc. with low cost and favorable license terms. We have several thousand tracks made by more than 100 Danish composers and our library is growing daily. But we'll take quality over quantity any day.

musictouse is owned by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, Frans Bak and Jan Rørdam – three well-known composers, musicians and producers with many years of experience.


A broad network of composers

We want the best composers to do what they are best at, which makes the list quite long.

Alexei Volkov
Amalie Skriver
Anders Jørgensen
Anders Mortensen
Andreas Bennetzen
August Engkilde
Babylove & Van Dangos
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Bjørn Jacobsen
Boris Chklianko
Brian Larsen
Carsten Jung
Christiane Bjørg Nielsen
Claus Gahrn
Dan Hemmer
Dan Stangerup
Emil De Waal
Enrico Rosa
Flemming Andersen
Frank Vilbæk Jensen
Frans Bak
Frederik Magle
Frederik Malmqvist
Fredrik Lundin
Frode Andre Danielsen
Geyser On Tape v. Ditte Rønn-Poulsen
H.C. Erbs
Hans Ulrik
Harp Stream Duo
Henrik Andersen
Henrik Jansberg
Husum Snakepit
Ian Brodersen
Ian Tomkins
Jacob Bogh
Jacob Phono
Jakob Andreas Menck
Jan Glæsel
Jan Rørdam
Jens Mogensen
Jens Runge
Jens Tolsgaard
Jesper Colfach
John Sund
Jon Bruland
Jonas Arndt
Jørgen Lauritsen
Kaare Hansen
Kasper Lapp
Keld Haaning Ibsen
Kjeld Lauritsen
Lars De Lamotte
Lars La Ville
Lars Wagner
Lars Wissing
Louis Clausen
Ludomir Dietl
Mads Granum
Mads Vinding
Marco Frydshou
Marcus Alsted Elkjer
Martin Bennebo
Mats Madestam
Max Winding
Michael Blicher
Mikkel Lauritsen
Mikkel Melgaard
Mikkel Uttrup
Morten Grønvad
Morten Musicus
Morten Ramsbøl
Mårten Karlholm
Nana Schwartzlose
Nicolai Koch
Nils Foss Petersen
Nils Lassen
Nils Raae
Per Frost
Pernille Bevort
Perry Stenbäck
Peter Biker
Peter Danstrup
Peter Svarre
Pixieland Productions
Poul Halberg
Preben Carlsen
Rene Gade
Rumle Langdal
Rune Olesen
Samuel Hejslet
Silvana Malta
Simon Muschinsky
Simon Spang-Hanssen
Små Oaser / Small Oases
Stig Christensen
Søren Lemmike
Søren Runge
Søren Siegumfeldt
Thomas Agergaard
Thomas Hass
Thulla Wamberg
Torben Bjørnskov
Torben Westergaard
Trine Opsahl
Ture Larsen
Whirly Tunes
Wolfgang Käfer
Øyvind Ougaard

Soon to be updated..

The music on this web site has been made available, with permission from KODA and NCB

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